Transition Year Ideas

Here are some experiments and topics that you might like to try with transition year students.

Forensic Science

FOR_images_activities (PPT)
FOR_images_using1 (PPT)
FOR_images_using2 (PPT)
FOR_A1_flame tests (Word)
FOR_A2_detecting metal ions (Word)
FOR_A3_testing for halide ions (Word)
FOR_A4_chemical purity (Word)
FOR_A5_chromatography (Word)  
FOR_A6_instrumental techniques (Word)
FOR_A7_fingerprints (Word)
FOR_A8_breathalysers (Word)
FOR_X1_colorimetry (Word)
FOR_X2_extracting dna (Word)
FOR_R1_instrumental techniques fact sheets (Word)
FOR_R2_glossary of technical terms (Word) 

 It’s Chemistry (UL chemistry course suitable for TY)