06 Rates of Reaction


    1. Particle Size Affects the Rate
    2. Nature Of Reactants Affects the Rate
    3. Concentration Affects the Rate
    4. Temperature Affects the Rate
    5. Instantaneous and average rates of reaction
    6. Catalytic Convertors
    7. Reaction Theories
    8. Factors Affecting Rate of Reaction
    9. Enzymes
    10. Theories of Catalysis




















  1. Rates of Reaction (Online MCQ)
  2. Rates of Reaction (Online Matching Quiz)
  3. Catalysis (Online Matching Quiz)
  4. Effect of Concentration on the Rate of Reaction (Online Gap-Filling Quiz)

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Rates of Reaction (Quizlet)

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Mandatory Practicals

Rate of production of oxygen from hydrogen peroxide using manganese dioxide as a catalyst

Studying the effects on reaction rate of (a) concentration and (b) temperature



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